HotHardware and The Future of Storage

With each passing year, access, management and security of data storage has become exponentially more important to end users and in the enterprise space, as volumes of data grow with ever-more connected global economies, businesses and communities.  It is no surprise that technologies that are key to the enablement of more intelligent and powerful mass storage are also evolving at a break-neck pace.  From relatively simple hard disk technologies, like SATA, SAS, iSCSI and SSD, to more resilient RAID structures and Storage Area Networks, we here at are keeping a watchful eye on what we feel will be a critical aspect of empowering compute resources for systems and new usage models in the future.

As such, in partnership with Dell's The Future of Storage site, we have carved out a chunk of the HotHardware Forum Community, and called it "The Data Center".  The HH Forum Data Center is specifically targeted towards fostering in-depth discussions of Enterprise Storage and related technologies. 


IT Pros and power users in our midst, please stop in and offer your thoughts and insights.  Of course we'll be sure to provide the HotHardware perspective and breaking stories in the storage arena as well!