HotHardware and TechVi Video Podcast - Mar. 12, 2010

We are back again this week to talk about some more happenings in the HotHardware world with our friends at TechVi. Topics include Intel's new Core i7-980X Extreme 6-Core processor, a couple of home theater friendly machines from Toshiba and Dell, fake Core i7-920 processors from NewEgg, and Android's rapid growth in adoption rate in the mobile space...

Show Notes:
0:18 - Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 6-Core Processor
1:47 - Toshibia Satellite E205-S1904 w/ WiDi and Dell Inspiron Zino HD
5:11 - Newegg Ships Fake Intel Chips; Supplier Threatens Journalists For Reporting It
6:24 - Android Crushes the Competition, iPhone Stands Still
8:58 - Showing The Love: HH and Cyberpower PC Sweepstakes