HotHardware And Syber Vapor Gaming PC Giveaway Winner!

Our spring gaming PC giveaway has come to a close and we’re ready to announce the winner! If you recall, we teamed up with our friends at CyberPower’s Syber Gaming division and put together one heck of an awesome gaming system giveaway!

This time around you all had the a chance to win an Intel Core i5-4690K-infused, custom-built, console-sized Syber Vapor gaming PC with 16GB of RAM, a powerful EVGA GeForce GTX 970, a Samsung SSD, and a whole lot more.

The complete parts list and breakdown for this custom gaming rig were:
syber pc giveaway
CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K
Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 970
Memory: 16GB DDR3-1600
Storage: 250GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO / 1TB Seagate HDD
Chipset: Intel Z97
Chassis: Syber Vapor SFF Case
Cooling: Custom Cooling
PSU: Silverstone ST45SF-G 450W
OSWindows 8.1 Pro x64

We’ll we’ve scoured through the myriad of users and posts and have picked the VERY lucky winner! Get your home theater cleaned up and ready for a new, kick-ass system, because it’s headed your way…
S.L., you are the winner! Shoot us a note with your full contact and shipping details and we’ll get the system headed out to you as soon as can! We hope you enjoy it! And be sure to share pics of your setup when you’re done!

For those of you that didn’t win, don’t fret! We've got some more awesome giveaways coming up very soon. Stick around, because you won't want to miss them!