Honeywell Lends an Eye to the War Effort in Iraq

Honeywell, a Fortune 500 company and multinational corporation based in the U.S., declared today that their MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) will be deployed in Iraq. These MAVs will be used to spot IEDs (improvised explosive devices) from the air. The MAV deployment represents the very first time a ducted-fan UAV (unmanned air vehicle) will be used in combat.
"Honeywell recently received two contracts from the U.S. Navy totaling $7.5 million for the manufacture of more than a dozen MAV systems as well as training and deployment support in Iraq."
Every MAV is equipped with video cameras that send data to soldiers via a portable handheld terminal. Each MAV measures only 13 inches in diameter (33 cm), weighs just 16 pounds, and can be carried in a backpack. The MAV allows soldiers to inspect potentially dangerous areas without exposing themselves to danger.
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