Gearbox Announces Homeworld 3, The Long-Awaited Sequel 15 Years In The Making

Gamers all around the world know the frustration of a video game they want landing on a crowdfunding network. Many games have reached their funding goals only to see development delays and at times the games never get made. Gearbox has put a game that Homeworld fans have been wanting to play for a decade and a half, up on a crowdfunding platform called Fig. That game is Homeworld 3 but with any luck, it the long-awaited title will be seen through to fuition.

homeworld 3 space battle

Homeworld 3 is a full sequel to the 2003 Homeworld 2 game. The games Homeworld Remastered Collection from 2015 and Homeworld Deserts of Kharak were the other games in the franchise. The developers wrote on Fig that they were a few months into pre-production. Gearbox says that the crowdfunding campaign is a way to get the fans involved in the game to help communicate to devs what they're hopeful for, including features, priorities, and what the collector's edition will include. The devs plan to share the backer feedback throughout the development process and to let fans know how their feedback has impacted the process and game itself.

homeworld 3 planet

The crowdfunding campaign appears to be more of a promise to fans that the game is coming than a real funding effort. The project had to be funded already as the funding goal for the Fig campaign for Homeworld 3 was only $1. As of this publication, the crowdfunding program had raised over $290,000 with 1,630 people backing the game with over 29 days still left to go.

For a $50 investment, Homeworld 3 fans get a copy of the game, a supporter-only Discord channel, supporter-only survey, and early access to Homeworld Mobile. For $60, players get the same stuff and the Homeworld Remastered Collection and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. A $100 investment gets the same bundle but with Fig digital collector's edition items as well.

Backing at $150 gets the same bundle and a copy of Homeworld 3 Collector's Edition that players can influence. Additional levels add items at $160, and $1,000. The $1,000 investment gets players a high-end print of Homeworld 3 concept art signed by the game's artists. The game is aiming for launch in 2022, but as with most games, delays would be no surprise. Now, if Valve would just do the same thing for the long-rumored and desired Half-Life 3, gamers would be very excited.