Gabe Newell Drops Subtle Half-Life 3 Hint During Valve Index Launch Party

Half Life 3
Valve has come a long way since the days of Half-Life, which was revolutionary to gamers of a certain age when it was released in the late 90s. These days, Valve has its hands in many cookie jars including the Steam Store and Index VR headset. Gabe Newell was on hand at the Index launch event to taunt Half-Life fans about Half-Life 3, yet again.
gabe newell

Newell was addressing the people gathered for the launch event and spent some time talking about what a breakthrough the Valve Index headset is. During the talk, Newell started in about how one thing leads to another. He said Half-Life led to Half-Life 2, Source led to Source 2, TeamFortress 2 led to Dota, and Artifact is why they were able to do Underlords.

Then he addressed Half-Life fans by saying, "Maybe someday, the number two will lead us to that shiny integer glowing on the mountain someplace." It's been nearly 21 years since Half-Life launched

Specifically talking about the Index headset, Newell said that the launch was a beginning, not an end. He says that in the future, the Index will get cheaper and see improved international distribution. He also talked a bit about an untethered version.

The Valve Index headset sells for $999 as a complete kit with two wireless controllers and two Lighthouse base stations. The headset itself will sell for $499. It has dual 1400x1600 RGB LCDs running at 120Hz, and it is backward compatible with games optimized for 90Hz. If gamers need the Index controllers separately, they will cost $279 and will work with Vive setups. The controllers have 87 sensors in each that can pinpoint where fingers are and what they are doing. Gamers who want an Index need to be sure their gaming PC is up to the task.