Home Depot HACKED: HD Suffers ‘Massive’ Data Breach Of Customer Credit Card Information

It's seemingly impossible to go any real length of time without learning of some security breach, but more often than not, the number of affected people is arguably minimal. Today, news is breaking of a breach involving Home Depot that's not minimal, and it's not a mere matter of some credentials being leaked, but rather current credit and debit card numbers. If Home Depot has your financial information, you have immediate reason to be concerned.

According to Krebs on Security, a database of credit and debit cards hit the black market this morning, with a "valid rate" of 100% (meaning that the card list is up-to-date). Both Home Depot and the banks involved are all currently investigating this breach, although none of them at this point will acknowledge that a leak of card numbers has indeed taken place.

Home Depot spokesperson Paula Drake has said, "I can confirm we are looking into some unusual activity and we are working with our banking partners and law enforcement to investigate". Further, the company notes that it takes its customer's data security extremely seriously, and that it's "aggressively" gathering facts to get things sorted as quickly as possible.

Here's where things get very interesting: It's being speculated that the same group of hackers behind the Target, Sally Beauty, and P.F. Chang's breaches are also behind this one. Amidst the goings-on between Russia and the USA, it seems the "American Sanctions" database is not-so-coincidentally named.

In an update, Krebs notes that this breach could extend as far back as April or May of this year. Because of Home Depot's reach, this breach could be significantly larger than that of Target's, which was already considered to be enormous.

We'll report more as hard evidence comes out.