Holy High Priced Shenanigans, Sony PlayStation 4 $1,850 In Brazil?

Since Sony isn't pushing a motion control sensor onto customers as a mandatory accessory for its PlayStation 4 console, the company has been able to undercut Microsoft's Xbox One system at retail by $100. In choosing a next generation console, some are finding the price difference a deciding factor. However, if you happen to live in Brazil, there's nothing about the PS4 that screams "value."

Sony confirmed on its official Brazilian blog that the PS4 will cost 3,999 Brazilian Reals. If you're not versed in international exchange rates, a quick visit to Google reveals it works out to around $1,850 at the current exchange rate, or about four and a half times the retail cost of a PS4 in the U.S. ($399).

PlayStation 4

That's just for the console, though at least the markup on games is a little more reasonable. MSRP for games is 179 Brazilian Reals, or a little over $82 in U.S. dollars.

According to HighlightPress, part of the reason for the high price is because of government taxes on hardware imports. However, the media outlet claims it's "extremely rare" for hardware being sold in Brazil to carry a price tag that's more than double its global RRP. For that reason, it's difficult to explain why the PS4 carries such a massive markup, and as you might expect, Brazilian gamers are none too pleased.

We're still waiting to find out how much the Xbox One will cost in Brazil.

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