HKEPC On Intel Mobile Strategy

HKEPC has analyzed Intel's upcoming mobile strategy and identified some key transition points and concerns that should pique your interest. Here, they confirm that Intel's upcoming Core 2 Duo (Merom) processor in Socket M form will work with existing Centrino (Napa) platforms through the simple updating of the BIOS. Owners of Napa-based notebooks should rejoice as they can dramatically increase performance by upgrading to a new Core 2 Duo processor. Unfortunately, it appears as though Intel will be tossing the Socket M form factor out the window and transitioning to a new Socket P design for the upcoming Santa Rosa platform. Although this will help block out all non-Core 2 Duo processors out of the platform, it has caused some concern with notebook ODM's that are afraid of inventory issues from excess "legacy" processors. With the platform not slated to launch until Q2 of 2007, it will be interesting to see how Intel reacts to the industry's pressure.

"In the next Santa Rosa platform, which is a replacement of "Napa Refresh", Crestline northbridge is introduced together with ICH8M. At that time, Merom will fully support 800MHz FSB but Socket M has been made supported. The replacement to Socket M would be Socket P, also in 478 pin but not compatible with Socket M processor. Without technical improvement, such change is just a marketing decision to make Yonah to fall out of use in Santa Rosa platform. Manufacturers are complained about the change that would make money loss by increased pressure on storage. They are now urging Intel to cancel the decision, making Socket M be available in Santa Rosa platform."


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