Hitachi Ends Making Item I Didn't Know They Made

Hitachi makes personal computers? Well, they did; but now they don't. Hitachi announced today they are ceasing manufacturing of most kinds of personal computers.  Hitachi is already outsourcing the production of their business computers to Hewlett-Packard, and will continue to sell them under the Hitachi nameplate.

"We will not develop normal, consumer-use personal computers and will focus our resources on new products, namely televisions with PC functions or PCs that can show television programs," he said.

Hitachi will maintain production of special business-use computers, such as ones without hard disks, the spokesman said, without elaborating further.

Hitachi, which helped pioneer PC development in Japan, decided that making the business profitable would be difficult, the Nikkei newspaper said.

Hitachi personal computers were only made for the Japanese market. And now they're not. As you were.
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