HIS X850XT AGP, Corsair XMS6400, nForce4 SLI Intel Edition and More!

Good morning folks!  The weekend is about to get started, but not before a couple of announcements from HIS and Corsair.  HIS brings a new X850XT to the game while Corsair adds to yesterday's news with even faster memory.  Check out the full details below!


HIS introduces HIS X850XT IceQ II TURBO AGP a new and innovative graphic solution for Radeon X850XT AGP.

HIS releases another innovation from its award-winning line of HIS IceQ II series for AGP platform, it provides the best features and the highest performance graphic solution among any other X850XT AGP solution. The HIS X850XT IceQ II TURBO boosts graphic card performance through its proprietary iTURBO overclocking technology. With its iTURBO overclocking software, users are able to stably increase and maximize Radeon X850XT's performance.

In addition, the X850XT IceQ II TURBO features Ice-Blue UV Sensitive effect casing. The HIS IceQ II TURBO also has a noise level less than 20dB. Such unique qualities make the HIS X850XT IceQ TURBO the best graphic solution choice for your AGP system.

HIS X850XT IceQ TURBO in a glance:
-Fast : iTURBO: Simply press the iTURBO button to boost your video card to maximum speed and stable performance.
-Cool : UV Sensitive
-Quiet : Less than 20dB
-All Cool : Durability, IceQ TURBO extends the Card Life

The HIS X850XT IceQ II TURBO is based on ATI's newly introduced RADEONT X850XT visual processing unit (VPU). The most extreme gaming graphics card ever created, with up to 16 pipelines, the fastest frame rates and ATI's industry-leading 3D image enhancement technology. HIS X850 series deliver further on the promise of High-Definition Gaming.

The HIS X850XT IceQ II TURBO fully supports Microsoft's DirectXR 9 and future revisions of OpenGLR. This enables the HIS X850XT IceQ II TURBO to provide the High Definition 3D Graphic gaming experience with the most powerful new generation game such as Far Cry, Half life 2 Serious Sam 2, Tribes Vengeance, Sid Meier's Pirates, darkSector.

Please visit the HIS website for more information.

Corsair Unleashes XMS2 6400, Industry's First DDR2 Memory Rated at Scorching Fast 800 MHz

-- Designed for the new Intel platform supporting 1066 MHz Front Side Bus, Corsair is first to market to bridge the performance gap with high frequency DDR2 modules --

Fremont, CA (April 8, 2005) - Corsair Memory, Inc., a worldwide leader in high performance memory and cooling products for the enthusiasts and the overclockers, today unveiled the industry's first DDR2800 MHz memory modules optimized for the latest NVIDIA nForceTM 4 SLITM Intel(R) Edition platform...

...Designed with discerning overclockers and PC enthusiasts in mind and certified for the latest NVIDIA media and communications platform (MCP), the new XMS2 6400 modules feature carefully selected DRAMs that have passed the strictest validation process. The end result is that consumers are able to enjoy blazing fast DDR2 800 memory that promises to deliver a significant performance boost without compromising stability or reliability.

"As the CPU front side bus for the Intel platform continues to advance, the need for memory rated to deliver high clock speeds increases," said Martin Mueller, Director of Engineering of Corsair. "Leveraging Corsair's close relationship with our industry partners and our engineering capacity, we are proud to be the industry's first to bring validated DDR2 800 to our valued customers."

Currently available in both the single module and the matched pair packages, the new XMS2 6400 modules offer breakthrough levels of memory and system performances with universal compatibility. These modules include Corsair's signature black aluminum heat spreaders for improved heat dissipation and a life time warranty for quality.

The XMS2 6400 family includes:
-CM2X512A-6400 Single 512MB module, DDR800, 5-5-5-12
-TWIN2X1024A-6400 Matched pair of 512MB modules, DDR800, 5-5-5-12, 1GB kit

For the full story, visit Corsair's Website.

DVD-Audio vs. SACD @ eCoustics:

"When you look at the excitement that Dolby Digital and dts 5.1-channel soundtracks from DVDs can generate played over a good home theater system, it's not surprising that Sony/Philips and the DVD developers decided that an upgraded multichannel audio format was overdue. After all, the CD is stereo, limited to two channels. And despite Sony's original claim, in 1983, of CD's "Perfect Sound Forever," complaints have surfaced over the years about certain limitations in the CD's technical standards."

NVIDIA's nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset @ The Tech Report:

"Armed with the SLI bludgeon and a quiver bulging with marketing names like ActiveArmor, MediaShield, DASP, and QuickSync, NVIDIA has decided to cross over from the AMD market into the foreign, and much larger, territory of Intel-compatible chipsets. The nForce4 has not been without its growing pains, but it still dominates the enthusiast motherboard scene for the Athlon 64. Is the nForce4 SLI Intel Edition good enough to stand toe to toe with Intel's 925XE? We're about to find out."

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