HIS launches the HIS X1950 CrossFire Edition 512MB Card

HIS launches the HIS X1950 CrossFire Edition 512MB card

Hong Kong, Monday, Oct 9, 2006 - HIS (Hightech Information System Limited) delivers the HIS X1950 CrossFire Edition 512MB card, pairing with any Radeon X1950XTX to form the ultimate gaming platform! With the HIS X1950 CrossFire Edition, your graphics performance will never be compromised. Imagine games with hyper realistic light blooms, life-like skin textures, and silky smooth hair. Now imagine the non-stop action packed gaming on a CrossFireTM platform - the only choice for hardcore gamers. That's what it's like with the HIS X1950, ATI's fastest and most flexible 3D processor.

All gaming, all the time, Never comprise
Feeling the power of ATI's fastest CrossFireTM platform as it turns your PC into a gaming powerhouse. HIS X1950 CrossFire Edition takes advantage of HDR effects, adaptive anti-aliasing, Shader 3.0, and 512MB GDDR4 memory for the ultimate 3D gaming experience.

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