HH Weekend Project Spotlight, An HH Forum Report

You know our HH Forum regulars are definitely a lively, ambitious crew, always eager to lend a hand, some advice or an opinion, sometimes whether you ask for one or not.  Many of the HotHardware Elite possess a wealth of knowledge such that, if you're in the dark on something, they'll be happy to oblige and shed some light, tips or tricks from their own personal tool bag; if you'll just simply take the time to register and then fire off a thread.  In addition, many of our dedicated members are gifted with some pretty "mad skillz" when it comes to custom mods, systems builds and designs. 

Take Nelson's custom-cut, watercooled Monster Rig, for example.  The man has been working on it forever it seems but as they say, it's got some serious potential!

"I got the side rad bracket cut and mounted. Just like evrything else so far it's still in it's rough stages and not the finished product but i figure I owe ya'll some pics since I haven't posted any in awhile. I had to actually turn the 2 thermochill rads in the front around the other way since the fittings would have been in the way so now they are on the MB side of my case. That may require a little more creative thinking on my part when it comes time to route the tubing. I still have to cut the side panel and make the psu plate."


Yeah-boy!  You get those rads mounted and get a hard-shell gloss on her will ya?  We think it might be a good idea for you and RA1D to get your heads together as well.  Ol' RA1D has some serious hardware you could strap down inside that wind tunnel of a case you've got going on there, Nelson!

We just can't figure out weather big RA1D is an NVIDIA man or running with those ATI boys from the Great White North.  It certainly would appear he does not discriminate.  RA1D seems to be an equal-opportunity GPU Freak, which isn't all bad, now is it?  According to his Crysis benchmarks, he's pushing 38+ FPS at 1920X1200 with 16xQ AA and very high quality settings, so he must be doing something right.

Like we said, it's probably a good idea to get to know a few of these guys.  You just might learn a few things along the way.  Rock and clock-on HH Elite!  

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