Hewlett Packard Chooses Door Number Three

We hardware fanbois at HotHardware observe which  processor  is chosen by computer manufacturers  like an old man at a racetrack watches the horses. Hewlett-Packard surprised us a bit by skipping right past Intel and AMD and using chipset maker Via Technologies of Taiwan for the processor in their new desktop, aimed at the mainland Chinese market.

Via brings some novel characteristics to HP. The processor consumes only 20 watts of power, relatively low for a desktop chip. IT managers around the world are trying to curb power consumption by buying more energy-efficient servers and desktops. Reducing energy consumption has been a particularly acute issue in China where much of the electricity is produced through coal-burning power plants, a major source of pollution in the country.

The company also can tout Chinese credentials. Although based in Taiwan, Via has been working with PC makers in mainland China, and PCs that contain its chips are sold as having a "Chinese heart."

This is an improvement over China threatening to invade Taiwan for the last half century or so. But tech support had better be good. China has nukes.