Hewlett Packard Blackbird 002

After HP's acquisition of Voodoo PC last year, many speculated that the company's entrance into the high-end gaming PC market was imminent.  After all, why else would they have bought Voodoo, right?  But since then, not much has changed.  It seemed as if it was business as usual at both HP and Voodoo.  HP was secretly working on their own gaming PC, however, and its codename was Blackbird.


Despite what you may be thinking, the Blackbird wasn't being designed solely by the newly acquired engineers from Voodoo.  In fact, the Blackbird project was well underway before the acquisition was finalized.  The two did collaborate on a design though, that ultimately became the product we’re featuring on HotHardware today, the Blackbird 002 – a high-end, fully customizable machine that's poised to do battle with the best gaming systems the industry has to offer...


Hewlett Packard Blackbird 002 Gaming System