Here's The Latest On LGA 1700 Cooler Compatibility With Intel's Next-Gen Arrow Lake CPUs

intel lga1700
The launch of a new CPU can often range from being exciting, to the purely mundane in some cases. When that CPU is accompanied by an entirely new chipset, expectations are raised even further.  One important item that sometimes can be overlooked by consumers in the midst of the excitement on release day is the issue of compatibility with existing CPU coolers. 

Intel 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs brought with them great performance with the likes of the Core i9-12900K, but it also introduced many variables. First, it offered both DDR4 and DDR5 motherboards, adding to some initial confusion amongst buyers. Another issue came down to the simple compatibility of CPU coolers with the LGA 1700 socket. With mounting positions having slight differences, there are times when many motherboard and CPU cooler combinations may be deemed ineffective. 

With different physical shapes and height, many manufactures had to offer LGA 1700 specific bracket kits for use with existing coolers. AMD's AM5 platform also experienced these big compatibility changes, with a different mounting approach compared to AM4. 

intel azza
From the Azza Cube 360 Installation manual

Intel has just released its 14th generation refresh, which is a simple "drop-in" upgrade for existing Z690 and Z790 motherboard owners. Rumors of its next generation Arrow Lake CPUs are already in place, including compatibility with existing CPU coolers. Due to the illustration in the manual of the Azza Cube 360 installation manual, we now know that LGA 1851 will be compatible with existing coolers. 

It seems to be the same as LGA 1700, allowing PC builders to breathe easier this upcoming upgrade cycle. CPU coolers—both air and liquid—often tend to last for years, and can be easily moved from system to system. Having the ability to reuse them in new platforms is certainly a boon for those wishing to upgrade, minimizing platform upgrade costs. One of the early issues with new platforms is the hesitation for PC builders to not want to take the jump by buying different RAM, coolers, etc. This helps to reduce the barrier of entry if one can use existing CPU coolers with the same compatibility.  

While it is too early to tell any other signs of Intel's upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs, we can at least devise some clues as to the physical nature of the socket. PC gamers - keep those Intel mounting screws and brackets safe for your CPU coolers, you may be needing them in the future!