Here’s How To Hop Aboard Sony’s PlayStation 4 System Software Beta Program

Sony continually patches its PlayStation 4 console, and if you want to help test future firmware updates, you now can. Ahead of its next major system software update, Sony has opened up a beta program and is inviting PS4 owners to sign up for sneak peeks at what's in the pipeline, and also to provide feedback on things that need improvement.

A PS4 console is required (no surprise there), and you'll also need an Internet connection and a master account. Sub-accounts are not allowed to participate in the program. Sony also says to make sure you're a member of its PlayStation forums so that you can access its beta forums.

Sony PlayStation 4

This is good news for gamers who want an early look at features that Sony is working on, though there's always the risk of beta code having unintended consequences. Towards that end, Sony says beta testers can roll back to the previous PS4 system update (currently version 2.57) whenever they want.

If you want to join the beta program, go here an fill out the enrollment form. Do this sooner rather than later if it's something you're interested in, as Sony is limiting the number of people it's accepting into the program. The beta program will kick off in early September, at which point Sony will have more information on the new features it's rolling out.

That said, rumor has it Sony is working on a 3.0 software update that will include several new features, including the addition of an Event menu that allows you to find events related to PlayStation, the ability to broadcast via YouTube, and allowing uploads of short 10-second clips to Twitter, to name just a few.