Helldivers 2 Boss Apologizes For Server Issues As Game Skyrockets In Popularity

helldivers2 apology hero
Helldivers 2 is a surprise hit for Sony, however, with that unexpected success has come increase scrutiny and several technical issues for which the game’s developer is now apologizing. In a post on the game’s Steam page, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt wrote “I know the progression issue is frustrating, especially for newer divers that want to unlock sweet gear. For now, please once again accept our sincere apologies for the issues you’re facing and rest assured, we’re doing our utmost to make it right.”

Pilestedt also shared that the team has released three “rapid-fixes” that look to resolve issues related to player logins, server capacity, and ensuring that players receive in-game rewards. It makes sense that these are the issues the development team has prioritized, as Helldivers 2 needs these systems to be solid if it wants to keep players engaged.

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However, even with the aformentioned fixes in place, issues remain. While server capacity is now in a better place, it seemingly isn’t enough as players still managed to saturate servers in a little over five minutes. This also then affects the login issue seen by many players, who are continuing to run into server connection errors. Players will need to retry reconnecting, although it should take less time to find a game. Moreover, rewards are also being affected as the servers try to keep up with everything else.

While it’s great to see this team having this kind of success, it’s a double-edged sword. With Pilestedt asking the game’s community for a little patience as “it is crucial that our team gets some sleep and we will be back at this again in a few hours.” Hopefully the fixes that are in place hold long enough to give the development team some breathing room.