Head Sets, Digital Music Servers and a lot about Printers!

Good moring everyone. It's time for your morning news fix.  We have an interesting collection today, covering printers, hard drive enclosures, video cards and more.  Let us jump right into it and see what's on tap for today...

The Tech Zone took five of the smallest color printers on the market and pit them against each other to see which one is best:

"Fast forward to today, where color printers offer great print quality and weighs just a few pounds. Whether it's going from bar to bar to take photos with Coors babes or taking wedding photos at the country club, there are plenty of reasons to pack a portable printer the next time you hit the road. To help you along we have assembled five of the smallest printers you can find and pit them against each other in a portable printer death match. "

Bluetooth Mobile Headset Shootout @ Hardcoreware.net:

"Now that Bluetooth is starting to mature, we are starting to see better products being released at lower prices. This is especially true with cordless mobile headsets, something that Bluetooth is perfectly suited for. Today we're looking at three mobile bluetooth headsets from three familiar manufacturers; Bluetake (a former division of Thermaltake), DFI, and Logitech. These headsets vary a lot in design, so it will be interesting to see which one comes out on top!"

Designtechnica Reviews the Nitro Pro Music Server:

"With a highly evolved interface, advanced control options, and CD quality audio, the Nitro Pro should help the late-adopters appreciate the benefits of truly digital music, and satisfy those on the bleeding edge of technology. If you're one of the lucky consumers that can justify the $2500 price tag of the Nitro Pro music server, we recommend the product without hesitation. "

Plextor PX-712SA and MSI XA52P Serial ATA/150 Optical Drives at the GamePC Labs:

"Today at GamePC, we've taken a look at two new optical drives which have recently hit the market which utilize a Serial ATA/150 interface. These new drives finally get rid of the ancient Ultra ATA connector set and master/slaver jumper hassle, in addition to providing the ability to use sleek, slim Serial ATA cabling. We've got Plextor's PX-712SA 12x DVD-ReWritable drive and MSI's XA52P 52x CD-R/DVD-ROM combo drive in the labs for testing. "

Samsung ML-2152W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer Review @ Futurelooks:

"With all these colour printers out on the market, who has time for black and white anymore? Well, we made time to check this one out. It's got some great features including wireless connectivity."

Colour Laser Shootout - Samsung CLP-500N vs OKI C5100n @ HardwareZoom:

"Both printers have similar pricing, although OKI claims 12ppm in colour and only 5ppm for Samsung. We will look at the speed test results later to see how close is their claims. On the other hand, Samsung is capable of 21ppm in mono, which is slightly faster than OKI's 20ppm. Samsung came with twice as much RAM as OKI, but the processor speed is slightly slower. However the actual print speed will depend largely on the efficiency of the firmware and drivers, not only the processor alone."

Global Win Dorri 40bit Encrypted HDD Enclosure @ HTPCnews.com:

"No, it is not an alien spaceship... It's the Global Win Dorri External Hard Drive enclosure. With top secret alien technology it's supposed to keep your data (ripped movies and mp3's) ultra safe via a set of removable security keys and keep up to a 10,000RPM drive quiet and cool with a silent 19dBA fan. However, there were some seriously bad quality problems with the build of this product that people should know about before they ever think of spending their hard earned cash on it. Read more and see how bad it got and if it's something you could live with or not..."

BFGTech GeForce 6800 OC Video Card Evaluation @ HardOCP.com:

"BFGTech has stepped in with a very appealing product having the core clock speed clocked higher than a regular GeForce 6800 offering a greater performance advantage out of the box. Add to this the beefed up heatsink fan unit and the overclockability of this video card and the potential for further speed increases with Shader Model 3.0 and you have a very appealing bundle."

FIC's Condor mini-barebones system at The Tech Report:

"SMALL FORM FACTOR systems have been steadily catching on in the last couple of years, and Lord knows we just love the little buggers. Shuttle has been in the lead from the beginning (and they're doing their best to stay there) but lately other companies have been trying to nab a piece of the SFF sales pie."

That's all for the moment, but don't worry, more is on the way!