Happy Diwali. Want A Cellphone?

If you're a Nokia cellphone salesman in India, take the afternoon off today. You earned it. Nokia sold 400,000 cellphones in India. In ONE day:

A new world record has been set in India. On October 19, an auspicious day to purchase new products in the country, mobile-phone maker Nokia reportedly sold more than 400,000 handsets, a number not achieved in a single day anywhere else in the world, including China, one of the most rapidly growing mobile-phone markets. The firm's previous sales high was about 100,000 phones in a single day.

Many people in India have never had a phone of any kind, and their first and only phone is a cellular one. Some enterprising soul should buy the copyrights to Sonu Niigaam songs for ringtones right now.

Read the whole article; it's fascinating.

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