Halo 3 To Support 4 Person Co-Op Play

Halo 3, due to be the last installment in Bungie’s wildly popular franchise, is going to support 4 player cooperative play mode:
“So you were probably wondering why we didn’t want to commit to two player co-op online over Xbox Live. We certainly got plenty of mail asking, no, demanding that we make it happen. Of course we were working on it, but we were also working on something better. Not two player co-op. Not three-player co-op, but up to four player co-op. Online. On Xbox Live, or sure, System Link if you prefer.
That is correct – up to four player co-op in Campaign mode on Xbox Live or System Link.”
Despite the technical issues that had to be overcome, the real story here is the game play.  Bungie is planning on ramping up the challenge whenever more than one player is involved.

What could this mean?  Just more enemies that might possibly take more shots to take down?  Perhaps, but that’d only be part of the answer.  Bungie is thinking that there might be some opportunities for everything from massive vehicular mayhem (think grand theft Mongoose) to tactical team shooter style game play.

It will be interesting to see what Bungie comes up with, too bad we have to wait a little longer.
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