Hackers Penetrate Call of Duty: WWII Open Beta Mowing Down Players With Aimbot

The hype surrounding the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII is intriguing and very justified. Not much longer than a decade ago, it seemed the world was sick and tired of World War II-themed games, but thankfully, zombie games have since come to our rescue, cleansing our palettes. Today, WWII actually looks like it could give us a fresh experience, and create an interesting online battlefield.

Unfortunately, "interesting" is proving true already, but not in a good way. Over the weekend, the beta for WWII went live, and almost immediately, complaints stemming from testers began to hit the web. In almost record time, those who find joy in ruining other persons' online experiences equipped themselves with very accurate aimbots, to the chagrin of everyone else playing.

Call of Duty WWII

At reddit, one thread on the matter doesn't paint a pretty picture, with the author writing, "At one point I got 5 games in a row with these types of hackers, all different lobbies, all different hackers." Among the 600+ comments, some confirmed the issues, while others claim they've been able to avoid running into such mayhem-loving beings.

It doesn't appear at this point that either Activision or the game's developer Sledgehammer Games have commented on this issue, so it's not clear what's going to be done to fix it. However, the developer has pointed to this reddit thread which it is using as an official forum for feedback. So, if you've encountered hackers, do the community a favor and chime in. Hopefully... somehow, this issue can be at least lessened when the game launches. Is that being naive?