Hacker Exploits Forgotten eBay System

How many times have you forgotten to lock your car, or a door? While that's bad enough, what about essentially leaving a back door open for hackers, by "forgetting" about an old administrative system?

A hacker infiltrated an eBay server and disabled accounts of several members on Friday. Representatives of eBay say that the hacker used vestigial components of an old eBay administrative system that has long been unused. The code exploited by the hacker has since been taken down, and eBay claims that no financial information was exposed.

An individual who identifies himself as Vladuz has taken responsibility for the hack. Many believe that Vladuz was behind a massive disclosure of user information in the eBay forums last month.

Vladuz seems to have a vendetta against eBay. Of course, this time the issue was due to eBay's own negligence. With regards to the assurances that no information was exposed, all we can say is: "we've heard that before."