Hacked iPhones Blacklisted

As if the potential danger to the hardware (and occasionally the owner/hacker) isn't enough to make people shy away from an 'unlocked' iPhone, it seems that the phones are possibly becoming blacklisted.

If this turns out to be the case across the board, owners of 'unlocked' iPhones shouldn't be expecting replacements, repairs, or possibly even connections to other services.  What can owners of hacked iPhones do?  Complaining loudly and often might work for some:

“Only after asking for the manager and having several conversations with her, did they finally allow me to return it, but charged me a 10% restocking fee…

Pretty Scary! Didn’t Steve and Woz get their start in college by selling a device that would “hack” pay phones and give people free long distance?”

While it is fairly easy to find the name of the device that Jobs and Woz used to build (and allegedly sell), extra respect will be given to the first person who can tell us the name of the person who The Woz credits with the invention.
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