Guardian ATX Case, Steelpad 45, Bytecc Enclosure and other PC Goodness

Good evening my friends :)  I am going to keep the banter to a minimum tonight due to family plans.  So, on with the show...

NZXT Guardian ATX Case @ Controlled-Insanity PC Mods

"There are so many "pre-mod" cases available today, that sometimes it's tough to find one that stands out from the rest. Recently, a very unique case arrived on my doorstep, and this one clearly stands out! Sent over by NZXT, this innovative new case is going to turn a lot of heads. NZXT is fairly new to the market, and the Guardian is their first product, so let's see what kind of impression it leaves!"

Steelpad 4S @

"Everyone has a mouse pad. Well, everyone with a mouse has a mouse pad would probably be more precise. Now, what pops into your mind when the word mouse pad comes up? Normally its a small rubbery rectangle with all the sex appeal of a potato. Not so with the Steelpad 4S. This mouse pad is made to draw attention. Its big, its flashy and it might even work. Lets find out."

Bytecc ME-320 External 5.25" Enclosure Review @ 3D Extreme

"Byteccusa has provided us with yet another external enclosure for review. Last time around it was the 3.5" HD External Enclosure, the Bytecc ME-740. The ME-320 will be used to make a 5.25" DVD Rw drive into a portable USB 2.0 DVD RW drive. We'd like to thank Steven from for sending this unit over for our review. All the hardware we've received from Bytecc has been top notch equipment that we haven't had a single issue with." 32MB USB Bar review @

"The 32MB Bar isn't going back, unless they send me a 256MB version, perfect for all the extra things I'd like a bootable USB key to do.  I can't really say more than that.  It's not a removable storage device.  It's bootable system recovery nirvana."

Epox 8HDA3 ; Athlon 64 motherboard reviewed @ MetkuMods

"Epox has taken brave leap forward and offers altogether six SATA ports in this particular motherboard model. There are also two network-controllers present, which are manufactured by 3Com and VIA. 3Com controller offers gigabit connection speed whereas VIA is only 10/100. Integrated audio features are carried out with VT8237 southbridges integrated AC97 audio controller and Realtek ALC655 audio codec."

Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz Prescott review @

"Indifferent performance, heat problems, lack of S478 upgrade potential, and strained availability, at the end, all count against a recommendation for the Pentium 4 3.4GHz Prescott processor. Looking at the overall situation from an enthusiasts point of view, we'd either plump for a slower Pentium 4 Northwood and i865PE motherboard or any number of AMD setups. Spending big bucks now may prove to be a foolhardy decision in the near future"

Artic-Cooling Silent 4ProL Heatsink @ ExtremeMHz

"A major consideration for any computer build is noise. Most people are not obsessed with it, but there is a point when your computer is competing with your speakers, and it's time to silence that racket! Today we'll be looking at the Arctic-Cooling Super Silent 4ProL, thanks to the great team at Xoxide. Arctic-Cooling has been around for quite a long time, and offers a wide variety of quality products for silencing noisy machines. Let's see if the 4ProL is up to standard!"

That is all my friends, my box is empty.  I will catch you back here in the AM :) - Cheers