GTA Online Smuggler’s Run DLC Is A High-Flying Shout-Out To Classic Raucous Rockstar Game Genre

GTA Online

The next big updated to GTA Online is called Smuggler's Run and it is a nod to an early classic from the Rockstar Games catalog. Your job will be to be move stolen merchandise by land and air. To do so, you have access to a range of planes, choppers, and even ultralights to transport criminal cargo across the state. And of course this will open up creative new ways of taking out rival gangs.

"Smuggler's Run delivers a massive range of new, customizable aircraft perfect for any mission along with expansive new aircraft hangars in which to stash your fleet of fantastic flying machines. These new properties are also the HQ from which you manage your smuggling business—guided by Nervous Ron and assisted by Charlie, your new mechanic, who’ll take care of your collection of exotic aircraft," Rockstar Games explains.

The hangars are where you will active the new smuggling missions, similar to how offices and bunkers work (we assume). More importantly, it is nice to Rockstar Games still paying attention to GTA Online with big updates and expansions some four years after it was introduced as a tie-in to Grand Theft Auto V. Look for this one to arrive next Tuesday, August 29.

Later this fall, Rockstar Games will transform racing in GTA Online with new and intricate circuits. The twist here is that players will have to switch vehicles during races as they travel across land, sea, and air.

"New and strategically placed checkpoints will instantly change your vehicle class to match the portion of the course ahead, creating dynamic racing with ever shifting challenges to take the checkered flag," Rockstar Games said.

This is all in addition to new goodies Rockstar Games is planning to introduce for Halloween and the upcoming holiday season.