Graphics, Mini-PCs & a BlueTooth Gadget

A few more newsworthy items hit the inbox this afternoon, so I figured I'd take a break from laying out pages and taking pictures to serve up another dose of the good stuff...

 BlueTake BT009M Bluetooth USB 2.0 Pen Drive Review @ Modtown:

"The BlueTake BT009M Bluetooth USB 2.0 Pen Drive is a great all-in-one product, finished in a cool blue plastic shell. It brings together two very useful and two very mobile technologies together, making it ideal for the travelling business or home user and their laptop..."

 Primecooler Hypercool II+ reviewed @

"Its design is similar to the Zalman 7000 series heat sink but in my opinion it had been improved upon. Yes, that's a bold statement - but what if your motherboard doesn't have the four mounting holes to install the heat sink, which the Zalman requires? With the Primecooler Hypercool II+ that's not even a concern anymore."

 Shuttle SS56L reviewed @ Dan's Data:

"Shuttle SS56L Limited Edition is a Small Form Factor box with everything that opens and shuts.  Well, with _two_ things that open and shut, anyway..."

 Fujitsu MHT2060AH SATA, HighPoint RocketRAID 1640 and RAID 5 @ LostCircuits:

"Hard disc space is becoming cheaper and cheaper, at the same time, drive capacity increases. Likewise, we are living in the era of the XPC, that is, small form factors are taking over and with them comes the additional restriction in space, meaning that room to fit two HDDs is already an exception. On the other hand, HDDs are just undergoing the transition form the standard 3.5" form factor to the smaller 2.5" drive size, hitherto only found within notebooks. Notebood drives are notedly slow, but who says that the restrictions are in the form factor?"

 Point of View GeForce FX 5900XT Review @ Hexus:

"We thought we would inform you about our latest article. We have done a  review of the News Clip: "With Point of View's card coming in at £130, along with the stylish presentation and good bundle that includes the excellent Call of Duty, it's hard not to recommend it.  Your only initial problem will be with finding a stockist to sell you one, as Point of View find their feet in the U.K.  Other Euro-zone buyers will have a much easier time of it."

That's going to do it for now, folks.  If anything else interesting comes in, I'll be sure to give you all an update!  Peace.