Grand Theft Auto V Set to Light Up Consoles Next Week, New Screen Shots

The biggest, most expansive installment of the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto series is set to debut next week on September 17th, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles. This is easily one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year and could end up being the biggest entertainment launch of 2013. One of the numbers floating around the web is $292 million, which is how much Grand Theft Auto V is estimated to have cost to build and market.

In anticipation of the upcoming launch, developer Rockstar Games released a bunch of new screenshots. Since the game was announced last year, Rockstar Games has been trickling out teasers in the form of screenshots, trailers, and blog posts. The strategy built up tremendous hype for the title, though a recent leak of some key game assets was a bit of a buzz kill for Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot

Nevertheless, expect long lines at places like GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart that are conducting midnight launches of the game, at least for those who opted for a physical copy of GTA V. And if you're a business owner, don't be surprised if there's a supposed flu bug going around on Tuesday as employees call in "sick."

GTA V features open-world game play in and around the fictional city of Los Santos (think Los Angeles). You'll be able to cycle through various professional criminals, each with their own story to weave through. There's also a new multiplayer option in the form of GTA Online.

Unfortunately, there's still no word on when GTA V will be available for PC.