Grado SR225 Headphones, Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD

CrossFire! You'll get caught up in the... CrossFire! Yeah, I know some of you remember that game:) Today is different though, as it's ATI's CrossFire we're talking about. The reviews are in, and HotHardware's own Marco Chiappetta takes a look at ATI's answer to SLI. Check back later tonight for some CrossFire coverage in our news post.

Thermaltake Bigwater SE Water Cooling Kit Review @

"Some time ago, Thermaltake entered this market with a complete system they called Bigwater. Recently, Thermaltake introduced their next generation successor to the Bigwater liquid cooling system. Dubbed the Bigwater SE (I assume this means Second Edition), Thermaltake has added/subtracted/changed some components but the fan, radiator and CPU waterblock remain unchanged from the original Bigwater system."

Grado SR225 Headphones Review @

"Two problems we noted with the SR125 was a mediocre bass and unfulfilling mid frequency. Thankfully though, Grado has fixed both of these issues. The audio quality is much better with a rock solid bass, especially in games. Other than what's mentioned here, the sound quality was crystal clear with proportionate volume levels and high and low frequencies."

Biostar NF4SIE-A7 nForce4 SLI IE Motherboard Review @ Bjorn3D

"My first experience with nForce4 SLI IE was a positive one, but that was with a reference board from NVIDIA. Now, it's time to look at a retail offering to see if it provides a similar satisfactory experience. The board on the lab bench today is the Biostar N4SIE-A7."

Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD @ The TechZone

"While the two "standards" share blue laser technology - shorter wavelength and a more precise ability to focus the laser - there are enough differences to make it obvious to even the most casual Tech Watch reader to realize that a compromise solution will be difficult."

Vantec Stingray Watercooling Kit Review @ Madshrimps

"Vantec surprises us with their first all-in-one water cooling solution. They are entering a rather upcoming popular segment of cooling aspects, as computers get faster and hotter. Can this kit keep our computer fast and cold? Let´s find out ,shall we?"