GPU-Z v2.12.0 Calls Out Fake NVIDIA GeForce RTX And GTX Graphics Cards

The latest version of the enthusiast tool GPU-Z has launched bringing with it new features and stability updates. The latest version is GPU-Z v2.12.0, and one of the main goals for this version of the benchmark was to detect fake NVIDIA graphics cards. The "fake" cards don't have the GPU that is listed in its specifications according to the benchmark results.

gpuz 1

When such a video card is detected, GPU-Z will add "[FAKE]" to the name field for the graphics card, as seen in the screenshot below. The update promises to be able to detect a fake RTX 2060 that has a GK106 GPU, for instance. Another major feature in the update is that the benchmark can now extract and upload the graphics card BIOS of GeForce RTX 2000 graphics cards.

gpuz 2

The new version is also capable of reading and logging fan speeds of individual fans on NVIDIA Turing graphics cards and can monitor fan speed percentage. Changes have been made to the "Advanced" tab, and it now shows information on HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. NVIDIA graphics card power draw is listed as a percentage of the TDP and as a value in Watts.

Lots of bug fixes were added to the latest update including patching an annoying system hang that occurred on occasion due to Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) activating when GPU-Z was operating in the background. Problems with memory bandwidth reading on new RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti cards (check out our review) using GDDR6 RAM have been fixed. GPU utilization monitoring on AMD Radeon RX 400-series video cards has been fixed along with improved text for system memory usage sensors.

The change-log for GPU-Z v2.12.0 is below:

  • Added detection for fake graphics cards using old relabeled NVIDIA GPUs (G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, GT215, GT216, GT218, GF108, GF106, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK106)
  • Added BIOS saving capability for NVIDIA Turing
  • Added monitoring for multiple fans on Turing
  • Added fan speed % monitoring on Turing
  • Added HDMI and DisplayPort info to Advanced -> NVIDIA
  • Power draw on NVIDIA cards is now reported in both TDP % and Watt
  • Fixed system hang caused by Valve anti-cheat
  • Fixed memory bandwidth on Turing with GDDR6
  • Fixed tooltip for system memory usage sensor
  • Fixed broken Radeon RX 400 GPU usage monitoring on newer drivers