GoPro Hero 7 Camera Breaks Cover Promising More Stable, Waterproof Action Shooting

It appears that action camera maker GoPro has plans to launch a new camera series in the coming weeks. No official word about the new cameras has come down from GoPro, but the launch must be close because images of a new Best Buy display going up in at least one store have surfaced. The actual announcement and launch of the cameras are expected later this month.

gopro water

All we have in the way of information on the cameras comes in what we can glean from a trio of images that surfaced on The Verge and Reddit. The images show that GoPro is going back to its older naming convention with cameras with the Hero 7 White, Silver, and Black editions. It appears that the White and Silver cameras have no front screen while the Black camera has a front screen. Other tidbits include integrated image stabilization and water resistance up to a depth of 33-feet. That's all we know about the cameras for now.

gopro colors

Things haven't gone well over the last few years for GoPro. The company hit a very rocky road back in Q3 of 2016 when its revenue took a massive dip. The company bet big on drones to turn its profits around with the launch of the Karma. Unfortunately for the camera maker, it issued a recall of the drone due to a problem that caused it to lose power during flight. At the time it was said that fewer than 2,500 Karma drones had been sold.

gopro water

That disastrous drone outing meant that in January 2018 GoPro laid off hundreds of people in its drone division as it became clear the Karma drone wouldn’t be able to compete with the likes of DJI.

Images via Imgur user AustinMittelstadt and Reddit