Google’s Project Glass Details Unveiled, Seeding to Devs for $1500 Each

Project Glass has been the intriguing pet project of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and although we’ve seen teases of the prototype here and there, Brin and company dropped some more details and showed off the specs’ potential with a presentation for the ages at Google's I/O.

Here’s video of a live Google+ Hangout being streamed via several pairs of Google Glasses, which was just a precursor the epic live skydiving/rappelling/biking presentation the gang made at the conference:

Although it’s hard to follow that level of awesome with boring old details, here they are: Once Google Glasses become a bona fide consumer product, people will essentially be able to live stream their entire lives via first-person POV. (OK, that’s also kind of awesome.) You’ll be able to, for example, stare lovingly at your newborn baby and capture his face, or actually watch your daughter’s entire Little League while filming it, or--well, you get it.

The Glasses will be able to take photos as well as video, and they’ll have a touchpad, microphone, and gyroscopes. Eventually, search will be integrated as well as convenient features such as Google Calendar and Google+ Hangouts with pop-up notifications. Even more enticing, especially if the cyber-pirate look of the prototype turns you off, the Glasses will have a scalable design to integrate with (or possibly be mounted on) normal-looking glasses and sunglasses.

Google is looking for developer help and will be selling the Google Glasses Explorer Edition to them for $1500. Be prepared for a future wherein you'll never, ever know when someone is shooting video or taking photos of you.