Google’s Latest VR Tour Lets You Jump Right Into The White House For The Holidays

google cardboard hero
Have you ever wanted to experience the White House when it’s all decked out for Christmas, but just don’t want to make the effort (or spare the expense)? Well, the folks at Google have the next best thing available right at your fingertips.

Google used GoPro’s 16-camera Odyssey virtual reality rig and its own Jump platform to capture 360-degree footage of the numerous Christmas trees and decorations scattered throughout the various rooms and corridors of the residence. The elaborate display is enough to make Clark Griswold blush, and you don’t even have to worry about Uncle Lewis burning down the trees with a lit stogie.

An informative voiceover gives you a guided tour through the residence and provides some interesting nuggets of information along the way.

Given that this is being providing using Google-sanctioned hardware and software, you’ll have the best VR experience when using Google Cardboard. Android users can simply select the Cardboard icon from within the YouTube app to be fully immersed into the tour (at up to 1080p resolutions). If you have an iPhone, you’ll have to settle for a faux 360-degree experience directly on the phone.

The search giant has even opened up a Google Expedition which allows teachers take their students on a virtual tour of the White House via the Expeditions Pioneer Program.

The tour only lasts around five minutes, so if your Friday afternoon is winding down, give it a try to help get you in the Christmas spirit.