Google's Chrome Lands At 20% Browser Market Share

Congrats, Chrome! You've just reached an insane milestone. 20% of the browser marketshare is nothing to sneeze at, and that's exactly what Google has nailed down. According to new reports on web usage, one in five browsing sessions now happens with Chrome, with Microsoft's long-dominant Internet Explorer finally slipping before 50%. The information is provided by StatCounter, which is known for doing these sorts of reports every so often.

This marks a 7x increase in Chrome usage, a huge boost for Google and definitely a scare for Mozilla and Microsoft. Chrome was only launched in December of 2008, and a year ago, it had only 2.8% of the browsing market. Talk about a serious increase. Microsoft's obviously the one that stands to lose the most here, but when you have the lion's share of support, there's really only one place to go from there.

In our experience, Chrome has proven to be a real contender, and it's a browser that consistently performs quickly. Have you made the switch to Chrome, or are you still holding on for one reason or another?
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