Google Assistant Finds Its Way Into Third-Party Speakers And LG Appliances

From the ongoing IFA event in Berlin, we learn that the Google Assistant will soon be integrating into a large number of products that might just wind up in our homes. IFA is dedicated to consumer electronics as well as appliances, and probably not too surprisingly, Google's Assistant finds a home in both.

At its blog, Google tells us that three speakers are going to soon be launching that bundle its Assistant in, including Zolo Mojo, by Anker; TicHome Mini, by Mobvoi; and also the GA10, from a "little known company" called Panasonic. The big G assures us that these three are just the start, with more to be added before the week is through.

Mojo Anker Google Assistent
Mojo, by Anker

With these speakers, your dream of receiving responses from an inanimate object will come true. Google gives examples including asking the speaker how far away the moon is, or to get a play-by-play of your day. Tying into the home, you could also talk to the Assistant to dim room lights, adjust volumes, temperatures, and so on and so forth. Fortunately, Assistant will recognize different voices, and create individual profiles for them.

GA10 Panasonic
GA10, by Panasonic

As for the appliances aspect of IFA, we're told that LG will have Assistant-bundled appliances this year, including washers, dryers, and even vacuums (cue the "You SUCK, vacuum!" insults that will be oh-so-hilarious). If you're expecting guests and need the floor cleaned, you can say, "OK, Google, start vacuuming". Or, if you're wondering if your clothes are done being washed, you can ask that, too.

Google says that to date, over 70 home automation manufacturers support Assistant, including Honeywell, TP-Link, and Wemo. By the looks of things, that number is only going to grow.