Google Unveils Home AI Voice Assistant And Modular WiFi Router System

google home colors
Google’s fall event is not simply focused on mobile and gaming devices; the company just unveiled several new products for the home. Google Home and Google WiFi focus on providing greater convenience and connectivity to the home environment.

The company introduced Google Home, an AI voice assistant that is Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo. Google Home will control devices that are connected inside the home, working with the Nest Learning Thermostat, SmartThings, Philips, and IFTTT hardware. Users will be able ask it to stream music to YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tunein, and IHeart Radio and stream videos from YouTube. Google even has plans in the works for Netflix support. 

Users will be able to ask the assistant questions as well. They will also be able to ask Google Assistant details about their schedule, inquire about the weather, sports scores, and traffic. Users will be able to access this feature through the app “My Day”.

Google Home also recognizes when it is being spoken to. If a customer has more than one Google Home in their house, they do not need to be concerned about “waking up” all of the devices at one time. Google Home is context aware and the spatially-appropriate one will respond to the user.
google wifi
Google WiFi

Google WiFi is a router that concentrates on bringing the light of WiFi to the darkest, most isolated reaches of the home. Mario Queiroz, leader of the product manager group within hardware, remarked, “A great online experience begins with great connectivity”. 

The router is able to create an Eero-style mesh network. Users will simply need to add additional units to their network in order to improve their WiFi coverage. The router is also accompanied the Network Assistant app that allows users to add more routers, improve their signal, and control the devices linked to the router. 

Google WiFi will be available this December for $129 USD each or $299 USD for a three-pack. Pre-orders will begin in November. Google Home will be available November 4th for $129 USD.