Google To Save 18+ Months Of Mayer Image Search?

Google saves too much information about you, and keeps it too long. At least that's the general consensus among privacy watchdogs and various governmental agencies. But Marissa Mayer, VP of Search for Google, said Google is trying to find a way for Google to allow you to explicitly consent to archiving your search data for longer than the current standard 18 months, in an effort to more finely tune search results to the user and return them faster.

Speaking at a press event in Paris, Ms Mayer said: "Personalised search tracks and shows you in your search history the clicks and trends of your searches.

"Based on what we see as your searching pattern it ultimately can enhance your result.

"There's a simple way to turn it on and off. We will only use the data that a user gives us to target personalised search."

Google anonymises that information after 18 months and so the search engine has to re-learn the patterns of user behaviour.

Since it would be an opt-in program, it's more likely to win the approval of those with privacy concerns. HotHardware fearlessly predicts that people will be unlikely to be interested in having more than 18 months of search engine information archived, and that many people will still be performing image searches for Ms. Mayer in 18 months.
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