Google To Revamp Mobile Shopping Experience, Helping You Buy From And Support Local Business

Google might be in the midst of dealing with some EU antitrust accusations regarding its shopping platform, but that hasn't slowed it down from making worthwhile upgrades to the service. Just in time for the holidays, the company has overhauled its Google Shopping search engine, and has put a major emphasis on mobile shopping, as the company has monitored some massive growth there in recent years.

Because mobile shoppers tend to shop in quick bursts, Google has designed its new interface to complement that. At home, it's more comfortable looking into a big screen and browse, whereas on-the-go, there's a point when we're going to want to look up and let the sun readjust our eyes.

A major perk rolled out with this update is support of local stores that have the product you're looking for. This will allow you to not only get the item quicker, but also support local business. While there are not just going to be small businesses listed, this will help you keep your shopping local.

Google Shopping

Another very useful feature is that when you search for a certain type of product, Google can break down certain elements for you. In the case of a microphone, it could list "headset", "boom mic", "lapel mic", and so forth.

Google's always looking for new ways to enhance the YouTube experience, and now, shopping has become a part of that. This week, the company will be highlighting "shoppable" videos, where information will show up during them highlighting the product being talked about. As you might suspect, you can click these links to head to an etailer to purchase it.

It should be noted that no special app is required to take advantage of this updated shopping experience. All you need to do is go to Google in a Web browser on mobile and search for a product.

If only Google had a special search engine like this for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!