Google Calls BS on Europe’s Accusations Of Antitrust Behavior

At this point, it can be assumed that most tech firms don't like dealing with the EU, and there are many different reasons for it. With Google, it could have to do with the fact that it keeps getting hit with anti-trust charges that it vehemently believes are nonsense. You might recall earlier this year when the company was effectively carpet-bombed with charges, mostly relating to the supposed anti-competitive nature of its search engine.

Well, not surprisingly, Google still isn't lowering its defenses. In fact, it's making it clearer than ever that it believes the EU doesn't know what it's talking about with this particular matter.

Google Shopping Search

"The SO says that Google's displays of paid ads from merchants (and, previously, of specialized groups of organic search results) 'diverted' traffic away from shopping services. But the SO doesn't back up that claim, doesn't counter the significant benefits to consumers and advertisers, and doesn't provide a clear legal theory to connect its claims with its proposed remedy." says Google's SVP & General Counsel Kent Walker.

He goes on to say that the company's data, which spans over the past decade, proves that his company's product search is competitive. Further, it even shows why the EU should be considering the impact of other services, such as Amazon and eBay.

It's also explained that consumers themselves have taken to liking some of Google's improvements, such as a new way to display shopping-related search results, something it says isn't 'favoring" at all. "That’s giving our customers and advertisers what they find most useful."

Ultimately, Google is sticking to its guns by saying that its search engine is designed to deliver the most relevant results - period. That results in a better experience for consumers, one that Google says the EU will mess up if its desired changes actually happen.

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