Google To Insert 'Buy' Buttons Directly Into Mobile Search Results In Bid To Battle eBay, Amazon

We reported in December that Google had introduced a 'Buy' button to its desktop search engine, but at some point, the company put the idea on hold. Now, it's decided to introduce the feature to mobile, instead -- much to the chagrin of Amazon and eBay, I'm sure.

With this mechanic, a purchase option could be displayed from within the search results if a support product is searched for, and ultimately, clicking it will expedite the entire purchase process. Once clicked on, the user will be brought to a special page that will let them choose customized options, as well as shipping preferences, and then let them go ahead and place the order.

Google HQ
Flickr: Σπύρος Βάθης

This feature has a couple of benefits for Google; it could act as a worthwhile revenue source, and it also does the one thing Google wants more than anything: it keeps the user within the Google ecosystem.

It's difficult to speculate just how much success Google will have with this, or how it will impact the market, but given the company's presence and the ease-of-use of this mechanic, that impact could be profound.