Google to Host Wire Service News Stories

If you've used Google News, you know typically it carries a headline and a few snippets of text but sends readers to publishers' sites for the full story.  This means that you might end up at the Seattle Times for an AP story.  Now, however, Google will host wire service stories on its own site, instead of redirecting users to other sites.
The four agencies – the Associated Press, the Canadian Press, the Press Association and Agence France-Presse – will supply a "feed" to Google News, allowing its algorithms to detect which sites are running wire copy and remove them from the search results.

Because the four wire services do not have their own consumer news websites, Google News will host their original articles on its own pages. Google did not disclose what agreements it had made for paying to carry content from the four agencies, which had challenged Google News in court before making peace with the search engine this year.

This could  mean less traffic on newspaper sites.  However, this practice is similar to how news sites such as Yahoo News or MSNBC have licensed news from news organizations for more than a decade.