Google Targeting Expansion Of High Speed Fiber-Wireless Internet Service

A filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reveals just how adamant Google is about building out a wireless version Fiber, its high-speed Internet service that offers up to 1Gbps upload and download speeds in select locations across the United States. The wireless transmission technology is already being tested in Kansas City, which is one of the locations where Fiber service is offered, and Google wants permission to expand.

According to the redacted FCC filing, Google wants to use "experimental transmitters" in around two dozen locations, including several cities in California and North Carolina, as well as Provo, Utah, Boulder, Colorado, and Reston, Virginia. The wireless transmitters would operate in the 3.4GHz to 3.8MHz frequency range, which is why Google needs permission from the FCC.

Google Fiber Network Box

"Authority to operate in this range will ensure that Google has access to sufficient spectrum for experimentation while avoiding interference to incumbent operations, including federal government operations and operations under Parts 25 and 90 of the Commission's rules," Google states in its filing.

Why focus so heavily on wireless? It's a costly endeavor to both lay fiber-optic pipelines where needed and connect them to homes and businesses, the latter of which is known as the "last mile" of an Internet connection. One way Google reduces costs of deployment (and decides which areas to focus on) is by using a city's existing infrastructure rather than building out from scratch.

Going wireless should be much less expensive to roll out, but it's only viable if Google can consistently establish fast and reliable connections that are on par with wired solutions. These tests that Google wants to run in various locations would help determine that, as well as let the company know where it needs to focus its efforts on fine tuning the technology.

It's also worth pointing out here that Google announced the acquisition of Webpass two months ago for an undisclosed sum. Webpass is a point-to-point wireless Internet firm that's been in operation for around 13 years serving up Internet connectivity in five regions using wireless transmissions.