Google Shows Off Nexus 10 Tablet Features In Latest Round of TV Ads

Google’s Nexus 10 tablet didn’t get the big New York event and debut the company wanted because of Hurricane Sandy’s timing, but Google has launched a TV ad campaign to market the 10-inch tablet and show off its user-friendliest features.

The lighthearted video ad features a young couple that is expecting their first baby and follows them through the pregnancy, from ogling the black and white sonogram to choosing a name to the arrival of the little one.

In it, Google weaves in several of its prized features. Right away, we see that the two parents-to-be each have user accounts on the same Nexus 10, and--spoiler alert--the video ends with them adding an account for the baby, too. (Aw.) We also see them using Google+, reading books and watching movies from the Google Play Store, using the Swype keyboard, viewing the calendar (get used to that sort of thing happening a lot from now on, new Dad), doing Google+ Hangouts, and performing voice-controlled Google searches.

Google Nexus 10

The WiFi-only Nexus 10 runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and comes in 16GB ($399) and 32GB ($499) configurations; it’s available for purchase from the Google Play store.