Google To Enable Two-Step Security Verification By Default For 150 Million Accounts

Passwords have become part of our everyday life. It seems everything requires one and we are often left scratching our head trying to remember if it was “password123” or “123password”. Having a strong password, however, is the first line of defense for our digital lives.

Google is sharing how it is making your sign-ins safer during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Google checks 1 billion passwords daily to protect accounts from being hacked. Chrome, Android and the Google App have Google’s Password Manager built directly into them with the latest technology to keep your passwords safe. Password Manager also helps to keep us from having to scratch our heads as it makes it easier to create and use strong and unique passwords without the need to repeat or remember each one.

People on iOS do not need to feel left out. You can select Chrome to autofill saved passwords in other apps as well. Instead of having to spend time typing in a password for each site, you can gain access with one simple tap. If you are wishing you could use Chrome’s password generation feature on iOS, take solace in knowing it is coming soon.


You have probably been asked if you want to set up a second form of authentication when setting up a password. This can dramatically decrease a chance of an attacker gaining access to your account. Google has been leading the way in innovation in two-step verification (2SV) for years. 2SV is strongest when it combines both “something you know” (password) with “something you have” (such as your phone). Google has made it seamless to use 2SV with a Google prompt, which requires a tap on your mobile device. Google has began turning on their security protections by default because they believe it is the best way to keep its users safe. By the end of 2021, Google hopes to auto-enroll an additional 150 million Google users in 2SV and require 2 million YouTube creators to have it turned on.

Another part of Google’s security work is the use of security keys. Security keys are another form of authentication that requires the user to tap their key when there is a suspicious sign-in attempt. Google has partnered with organizations to provide free security keys to over 10,000 high risk users this year. Making security keys even more accessible, Google has built the capability right into Android phones and with the Google Smart Lock app on Apple devices. Over two billion devices around the world 2SV technology today.

Google did not stop there. It recently launched One Tap and a new family of Identity APIs called Google Identity Services. These use secure tokens rather than passwords, allowing users to sign into partner websites and apps, like Reddit and Pinterest.

What is your favorite feature Google has implemented to make your sign-ins more secure? Do you currently use 2SV for your protection with your online accounts?