Google Said To Be In Talks with Verizon, Sprint

As rumors about the gPhone platform circulate, so do reports of Google negotiations with Sprint and Verizon.

Two of the country's largest cell phone carriers are considering offering phones featuring software by Google, according to a news report Tuesday.

Both Verizon Wireless, the second largest carrier by number of subscribers, and Sprint Nextel, the third largest, are said to be in "advanced talks" with Google, the Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site late Tuesday.

Google is expected to announce new mobile software, dubbed by some the "gPhone," in mid-November. If Google can strike a deal with a U.S. carrier, phones with its software could reach American consumers by the middle of next year.

In some ways it's strange that Google would look at CDMA carriers, rather than the more internationally standard GSM.  However, by doing so, they would prevent any possible collisions with the other star xPhone ... the iPhone at AT&T.

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