Google Rumored To Have YouTube-Based Movie Streaming Service On Deck

If it's not Apple, it's Google clogging up the rumor mill pipeline. Recently, the search giant has been at the center of rumors that they could be launching a new music service to compete with iTunes, and now, The New York Post is reporting that Google may be considering the opening of a YouTube subscription-based movie service in the UK. The site is being pretty quiet about how they received this information, but they certainly seem sure of it. And honestly, it's not that hard to believe. Google's been looking to branch out and compete in burgeoning tech areas for some time, as evidenced by the advent of Google TV and Android.

Reportedly, Google has been talking to movie studios for months now, and they are hoping to bring the service first to Europe (UK in particular) before bringing it to America. A trial run overseas, if you will. If Google's able to get the plan rolling, they'll be competing directly with Amazon, who just picked up the UK streaming service LoveFilm. Google taking on Amazon? Sounds like a fun war to watch.

Now, the real question: would YouTube's performance pick up any if major films were to be streamed on it?