Google Rumored To Be Forbidding ASUS Transformer Book Duet Dual Boot Hybrid

Plenty of manufacturers and consumers alike are intrigued by the potential of Android/Windows dual-boot devices, but it would seem that you can count Google in the camp of those not too keen on the idea.

ASUS’ plans for a dual-boot devices called the ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300 are rumored to have been scuttled by Google. The search giant allegedly pressured ASUS to pull the device over concerns that it would give Microsoft an “in” with the mobile market that it otherwise wouldn’t have.

ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300
ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300

Google is correct on that point, but if it’s true that its tactics involved forcing ASUS to kill a product, that’s just plain anti-competitive and shameful.

Running dual-boot systems could ostensibly benefit chipmaker Intel most of anyone as its processors are ideal for a dual-boot scenario.

Of course, dual booting isn’t necessarily a great idea to begin with, but if the reason that the “PC Plus” trend dies off before it begins is because Google is engaging in shadowy strong-arming, that’s a problem.