Google Project Fi Delivers A Unique Take On Unlimited Mobile Data With Bill Protection

Once thought to be a dying breed, unlimited data plans for smartphones have come back with a vengeance in the past two years. Google is now getting in on the action with what is in essence an unlimited data option for its Project Fi MVNO service. The feature is called Bill Protection, and it caps the $10/GB pricing tiers at $60 once you use more than 6GB of data during a billing cycle.

If you were to use 8GB of data in one billing cycle under the old policy, you would pay a total of $100 ($20 base fee for unlimited calling and texting, plus $80 for data). Now, with Bill Protection, your total outlay per month would be capped at $80 once you use over 6GB of data.

Project Fi Group

All of the other perks of Project Fi carryover, meaning that if you consume just a little bit of data during a billing cycle, you won't be paying full price like on other carriers. "With Bill Protection you’ll never have to pay for unlimited data in months when you don’t actually need it," writes Google.

"If you only use 1.4 GB of data, at the end of the month you’ll pay just $34 instead of $80. So no matter how much data you use, you can save money with Bill Protection every month."

We should note that like other wireless carriers, Project Fi will now impose throttling protocols when you exceed 15GB of data in a billing cycle (which is quite a bit lower than other wireless carriers) while taking advantage of Bill Protection. However, Project Fi allows you the option to enjoy unrestricted speeds if you pay the standard $10/GB rate once you cross the 15GB threshold.

America's top four wireless carriers -- Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint -- all offer unlimited plans with varying levels of add-ons (like free Netflix from T-Mobile) and pricing tiers.