Google Play Music Migrates North To Canada

After a lengthy U.S.-only rollout, Google Play Music streaming is now available in Canada, and the timing comes on the verge of Canadian Music Week. "Canada you have spoken and we have heard you loud and clear,” said Google's director of global music partnerships Zahavah Levine on Monday. “I could not be more thrilled to announce Google Play Music is launching in Canada this afternoon.”

$9.99 per month (with a $7.99 per month introductory rate) gets Canucks unlimited listening to Google’s 25 million or so tracks and radio channels; up to 20,000 tracks from your own music collection stored in the cloud; and track sharing via Google+.

Google Play Music

Apparently, Google has sorted out the complicated licensing and royalties problems involved with such a service north of the border. Now, Google can compete with the likes of Rdio and Spotify in Canada as well as in the U.S.--not to mention iTunes--although it’s a rather crowded market in which to compete.