Google Planning Massive "Bay View" Complex For Future Innovations

Expansion seems to be the name of the game in Silicon Valley. With Apple aiming to erect a monstrous new campus in Cupertino, Google obviously couldn't go without a plan of its own. As the company focuses its efforts while expanding into new arenas (Glass and Chrome OS, for instance), the sky's the limit. But, of course, you need room to house employees, meetings, and the kinds of tools needed to innovate in a world moving at a breakneck pace. In a new Vanity Fair report, Google is reportedly planning a 42-acre home in the greater Bay Area. It's being dreamed up by Seattle's own NBBJ, and the complex could open as early as 2015 if all goes well. The site will be called "Bay View" and will house nine buildings, many bridges, and perhaps a lot of free food.

Image credit: NBBJ

As you might expect from Google, the new palace is being built with employees in mind. They'll be basked in natural light, they'll have cafes and break rooms all around, and there will be plenty of Googlers working here -- on what kinds of projects, only Google knows. Perhaps this is just the start of the real self-driving car. If a race track pops up next door, we'll know for sure.